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How it works?

Once you sign up, we request you to fill up a questionnaire

We come up with an interesting angle to pitch and prepare a PressKit

We build a list of relevant journalists from our network

We reach out to journalists relevant to your startup and follow up based on the responses

We track the web for any press mentions

After 2 weeks, we review the progress and do another round if required.

Promotehour was successful in getting me the app review I needed at a very cost effective price point. They delivered results! Look no further.
- Garin Toren, CEO & Founder of messageLOUD

I've tried some 20 to 30 different journalism platforms and some at ridiculous prices. Promotehour turned out to be the best among all!
- Oliver Jon, Creator of Cicada3301 &

Case Studies


Suggestic is a lifestyle health app that helps people going through Type 2 Diabetes by delivering personalised and actionable suggestions. Shai, founder of Suggestic, wanted to show it to the relevant journalists. We helped Shai with finding the most relevant journalists, creating a professional email pitch and reaching out to journalists with a timely followups. Suggestic got a coverage in ReadWrite, MedicalDaily as well as Devex.

messageLOUD | Stage: After-launch

Distracted driving is a pandemic which is cause behind 26% of all car accidents, 3500 US lives a year & billions in insurance claims. messageLOUD is tackling this issue with technology designed for every driver. Garin, founder of messageLOUD, wanted to reach out journalists who cared about road safety and apps trying to make driving safer.
Promotehour identified the most relevant journalists, crafted an interesting story for messageLOUD and pitched it to journalists. Within a week of reach out by Promotehour, messageLOUD was featued in MobileSyrup & AndroidGuys.


Twitter marketing tools is a crowded space but SwiftSocial has a unique offering worthy enough to stand out. We helped them crafting a story with a unique angle, spot the right journalists and sending a personalised emails. That helped SwiftSocial land a coverage in a InMan - one of the premier news portal.

Tabulate | Crowdfunding Campaign

Tabulate wants to be a last cover you will ever buy for your iPad. Tabulate was in an initial stage of launching a Indiegogo campaign and wanted to show Tabulate to journalists so they could cover the campaign launch. We found the journalists who wrote about similar products & campaigns in the past. Our efforts got it covered on Digital Trends and strike up a relationship with couple of more journalists.


Do you guarantee coverage? How?

- Yes, we do. Because as a founder, you are burning cash to gain traction.
We have been in those shoes. So the last thing we want to do is take a money from you and don't deliver any value.
Having said that, PR is highly unpredictable. Even though we are well connected with journalists, we can't control what they choose to write and when.
So, if the first round of outreach doesn't get us a story, we will do another round of outreach for no extra cost. At the same time, we also keep following up with journalists who are interested as well as track the web for any press mentions.
If even after this, press is nowhere in sight - we redirect our attention on targeting niche bloggers to write about your startup / interview you, and get you the valuable coverage.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

- We don't offer money-back guarantee but we offer the best possible value & efforts at an unmatched price. There are no. of reasons for it:

  1. Creating of PR resources for long term: Even if we are not able to deliver a coverage, we still have to spend considerable amount of time to: create Press kit, come up with interesting email pitches, pick relevant journalists and do the outreach. We share the above resources with you along with extra goodies e.g. bigger list of relevant journalists. To put this in perspective, just getting a professional press release from a expert PR freelancer can cost you upward of $300.
  2. Whether journalists would consider it and when they decides to write about it depends on lot of factors like type of problem startup is solving, state of startup, journalist's priorities as well as editorial commitments.
  3. Possibility of future mentions: even if you don't receive a press mention within the first 4 weeks, we have seen journalists keeping a note of startup and cover it in a tech round up couple of months down the line. There is also a chance that they keep it reserved to write at later stage to fit their editorial calender.
  4. In some cases, journalists like the idea but want to see the progress before making the decision. In such scenarios, if you keep them updated of the progress there is a great chance of them writing about you in future.

How can you be so affordable as compared to other PR agencies?

- If we look beyond buzzwords of PR, it is all about effective messaging to right set of people at right time with right resources. We have figured out a process where we can do it cost-effectively for founders, web developers and product makers , we like to call it "Lean-PR".

Do you also work with apps / games / gadgets / crowd-funding campaigns?

-Yes! We have helped apps, games, campaigns land coverage in the past.

Which media outlets / journalists you target to?

- We pitch to all the top media outlets as well as niches media outlets which are relevant to your startup.
E.g. if you have built a productivity app, we will pitch to the likes of TechCrunch, NextWeb as well as Lifehacker, etc.

Who does write the email pitch and press release?

- Our experienced team of PR professionals, who have experience of working for agencies like Ogilvy and Mather, write the story as well as email pitches.

I am yet to launch my startup. So, when is the good time?

- We believe in earlier the better. Reaching out to right type of journalists even before the launch gives you a head away as it increases the chances of landing an exclusive during the launch.

We guarantee 2 extra rounds of outreach as well as free outreach for your next update (funding / app release / feature launch etc) if you won't get coverage in the first round. You also get professional press release, database of relevant journalists and strategy help for further PR efforts.