Guaranteed Press Coverage for Your Startup

Press coverage opens doors. For a start, you’ll get more attention from future clients and a better SEO ranking. Thousands of new eyes will be drawn to your website. And the bottom line?

Higher revenue. Higher Credibility. Faster Growth.

Unmatched Money-back Guarantee

Our Coverage plan comes with a money back guarantee. If you don't get a press coverage within 30 days, you can request a refund of 50% of the plan price. And you still keep the lifetime access to our app: Jona

We have got our clients covered in

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We got requests from TechCrunch, NBC News, Mental Floss, The Guardian, and The Evening Standard. That says a lot about Promotehour. Mona and Jit are really nice people, so you're in good hands.

- Chalisa P, CEO & Founder of Opter

"Awesome experience with Promotehour. They helped us get featured on top developer media platforms at a price one can only dream of with traditional PR agencies. Highly recommended."

- Kennedy, CEO & Founder of Ellcrys

Promotehour got me an app review which drove 500+ installs. They delivered what they promised! Look no further.
- Garin Toren, CEO & Founder of messageLOUD

I've tried some 20 to 30 different journalism platforms and some at ridiculous prices. Promotehour turned out to be the best among all!
- Oliver Jon, Creator of Cicada3301 &

Plans & Pricing


$ 79


  • 1-by-1 submission to 100 startup directories
  • Submission report with screenshots
  • Consistent Traffic
  • Links to live submissions
  • Save 20 hours of your time
  • Improve Google search rankings
  • Credible online presence

Coverage PRO

$ 599


  • Min. 1 Guaranteed Press Coverage
  • Outreach to 100+ relevant journalists
  • Press release broadcast to 500 media outlets
  • Submission to 100 startup directories
  • Professional press Release & email pitch
  • 50% Money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime, Unlimited Access to Tech Media Database of over 10,000 Journalists

Coverage GRAND

$ 1199


  • Min. 2 Guaranteed Organic Press Coverage
  • Outreach to 300+ Relevant Journalists
  • Press release broadcast to 1000 media outlets
  • Submission to 100 startup directories
  • Multiple Press release and pitches
  • 50% Money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime, Unlimited Access to Tech Media Database of over 10,000 Journalists

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Unmatched Money-back Guarantee

Our Coverage plans come with a money back guarantee. If you don't get a press coverage within 30 days, you can request a refund of 50% of the plan price. And you still keep the lifetime access to our app: Jona

Companies we have made a difference to

StallDesk on TechCrunch

StallDesk needed attention for its stunningly designed standing desk. We got the press coverage on TechCrunch, no less. This coverage played a key role in their successful Kickstarter campaign.

Meshfire on VentureBeat

Meshfire uses artificial intelligence to help increase your following on social media. Eli (of Meshfire) needed to establish some authority in the niche. We got them a guest post on VentureBeat.

Suggestic on ReadWrite

Suggestic is a lifestyle health app that helps people going through Type 2 Diabetes by delivering personalized and actionable suggestions. Shai, the founder of Suggestic, wanted to show it to the relevant journalists. We helped Shai with finding the most relevant journalists, creating a professional email pitch and reaching out to journalists with timely follow-ups. Suggestic got coverage in ReadWrite, MedicalDaily as well as Devex.

messageLOUD on AndroidGuys

Distracted driving is a pandemic which is the cause behind 26% of all car accidents, 3500 US lives a year & billions in insurance claims. messageLOUD is tackling this issue with technology designed for every driver. Garin, the founder of messageLOUD, wanted to reach out journalists who cared about road safety and apps trying to make driving safer.
Promotehour identified the most relevant journalists, crafted an interesting story for messageLOUD and pitched it to journalists. Within a week of reach out by Promotehour, messageLOUD was featured in MobileSyrup & AndroidGuys.

SwiftSocial on InMan

Twitter marketing tools is a crowded space but SwiftSocial has a unique offering worthy enough to stand out. We helped them crafting a story with a unique angle, spot the right journalists and sending a personalised emails. That helped SwiftSocial land a coverage in a InMan - one of the premier news portal.

Tabulate on Digital Trends

Tabulate Tabulate wants to be the last cover you will ever buy for your iPad. Tabulate was in an initial stage of launching an Indiegogo campaign and wanted to show Tabulate to journalists so they could cover the campaign launch. We found the journalists who wrote about similar products & campaigns in the past. Our efforts got it covered on Digital Trends and strike up a relationship with a couple of more journalists.


What is Promotehour and what do you offer?

We help entrepreneurs get press coverage for their startups in prominent media outlets as well as in creating presence on 100+ Startup Directories.

Who is behind Promotehour?

We are Mona & Jit.
We created Promotehour - a free list of places to promote a startup. The list has been used by over 200,000 founders in the last 2 years.
We have helped over 200+ startups land a coverage in prominent media outlets like TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, VentureBeat, Digital Trends, Entrepreneur and 50+ media outlets.
Our manifesto is simple: Help First, Sell Later!
The list you see on our homepage is free to use. We earn our bread and butter by providing value added service.

Why PR is important for a startup?

A good press coverage helps you get more customers, raise investor interest, hire awesome people and ultimately the overall growth of the startup.
Good press coverage have turned small startups like Snapchat in a billion dollars company.

Can you brief me on how it works?

1. Once you sign up for Submission or Coverage plan, we request you to fill up a short questionnaire.
2. Based on the info provided by you, we get an understanding of what startup does, the problem it solves, startups in similar space and the type of audience startup is targeting.
3. We come up with an angle for the story and prepare the pitch as well as the resource page for Journalist, sort of press kit.
4. We reach out to relevant journalists 1-by-1 with a personalized pitches, and connect you to the interested journalists and follow up with the ones who don’t respond to our first email.

Do you write the press release? What do I need to provide?

Yes, we write the press release as well as an email pitch. You just have to fill up a short questionnaire.

How much time does it take?

The campaign usually takes 2-3 weeks from the time you sign up.

What can I expect from the PR campaign?

We gurantee at least one press coverage from our efforts. On an average startups we work with see 2 press stories from our campaign.
In the worst case if we can't deliver a press coverage, we refund the 50% of the plan price.

How can you be so affordable compared to other PR agencies?

Getting coverage is all about effective messaging to the right set of media outlets at the right time. We have figured out a process where we can do it cost-effectively for founders, web developers and product makers. We like to call it "Lean-PR".

Do you also work with apps/games/gadgets/crowd-funding campaigns?

Yes! We have helped apps, games, campaigns get coverage in the past.

Which media outlets and journalists you target?

We pitch to all the top media outlets as well as niche media outlets which are relevant to your startup. E.g. if you have built a productivity app, we will pitch to the likes of TechCrunch, NextWeb as well as Lifehacker, PickTheBrain, etc.

Can I see few case studies?

Here are some of the stories we have got for our clients:
The Next Web
AppAdvice PlayBoy
Imaging Resoure

How does it compare with PRNewsWire or PR Agencies?

Press release services guarantee you coverage which they drive by syndication with media companies. But such coverage drives little to zero traffic to your site which is the actual purpose of the coverage, because syndicated stories never appear on the homepage of media outlet. To make matter worse, Google had come hard on press releases in their Panda update. So, such stories don't even appear in search results.
On other side, PR agencies can add value but they cost $5000/month with annual retainer contracts. Way beyond entrepreneur’s budget is the startup is not funded.
Through the well tuned process, we bring affordability to the PR space with effectiveness on par with PR agencies.

Unmatched Money-back Guarantee

Our Coverage plan comes with a money back guarantee. If you don't get a press coverage within 30 days, you can request a refund of 50% of the plan price. And you still keep the lifetime access to our app: Jona